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[Still probably not gonna finish polishing this part tonight because I am the worst, but I wrote this today for Asexy April? Yeah.]

"What are you reading?"

"19th century criticism of what was then considered new mathematics."

"The spine says it’s Alice in Wonderland."

"Same difference."

"Ha." A pause. "So I like you. Like a lot."

One quirk of the eyebrow. “I’m aware. I like you a lot, too.”

"I’m basically falling down all this like."

"The after-school specials warned you?"

"They told me, dog." Sigh. "Why do we still use that meme?"

"Honestly, no idea. Were you going somewhere with this?"

A nod, but no direct eye contact. “I like kissing you and stuff.”

"This is going someplace interesting."

"Shush, I am baring my soul. Kind of. Just shush for a sec. I said I like kissing you and hugging you and holding your hand. It’s nice."

"…Shall I remain shushed?"

Eyebrows arched upwards, something that looks like nervousness. “Do you want to have sex with me?”



"I…" Blink because seriously, what? ”John, if you’re asking, there are far better ways you could have gone about it.”

"No, I’m not." Exhale slowly, 1 2 3 4. "It’s just… that. I don’t want to."

"How do you mean that, exactly?"

"That." Full-on eye contact. "I don’t want to."


Heavy pause.

"As long as we’re having this conversation, then yes. There is a part of me that would like to, perhaps, pap your posterior. Among other things."

Some kind of cross between a snort and a laugh. “Oh my God, Rose!”

"But it is a small part, and not that difficult to ignore, really."

"Oh. OK." A pause. "Why are you reading Alice in Wonderland anyways?"

"Writing crossover fanfiction with HP Lovecraft."

"Shoulda guessed."

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