Anonymous asked:

who do u think would be better at romance? john or rose?

I could go either way on this, honestly. Since I started shipping it, I really liked the idea of John being super earnest about romance and trying to show how much he cares in like. Every possible way he can. To the point where it maybe becomes a little much! But if he kept it to a reasonable volume, then yeah, he could be a pro at romance.

/Actual/ romance probably wouldn’t be first nature for Rose? Like, her relationship with her mom colors a lot of her other relationships, although we see that she’s working past that. But let’s be honest, she was pretty smooth in her first date with Kanaya. All things considered. And when she opens up, she can say some really poignant, powerful things about the people she really cares about. (For instance.) So she would be good at romance in that way.

(I’m basically talking about Cause I’d Miss You, Babe. Heh.)