a momly menace to the universe
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Words appear to be happening. You are unsure what to make out with yourself. *Make of yourself.

-a real quote from Tripping Toward The Light




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[10:10:33 PM] Light: this is jude and roxy’s song

[10:10:40 PM] Threeley: yes.

[10:11:02 PM] Threeley: i’m going to add this to the fst now

[10:11:13 PM] Light: gOod…………………………………………………good.

[10:11:44 PM] Light: headcanon: this is the very first mashup they collabed on together

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youtube,com/watch?v=u_9TzJzLKxA ;]E (;]]]]E)


you are a FIEDN

(but yes. good.)

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New Ask Meme: Send me music that you think describes my aesthetic


I saw a few asks that say “describe my aesthetic” so this one takes a bit more creativity.

Whether it’s the lyrics or just the over all sound, send me a song that you think fits my “aesthetic”

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I was bored and scrolling through Pinterest when I came across a pin about using mason jars as “tanks” for beta fish. Then I saw the related pins and I’m so disgusted.
Fish are animals that deserve proper care and respect.
Live animals are not decorations. They are not here to make your house look “cool” or “pretty.” If you can’t properly house or care for an animal don’t get it.
This is absolutely sick and this trend needs to stop.

I know this isn’t really ocean related but this is super important.

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BREAKING: Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit Filed Against Ferguson, St. Louis For Police Actions


WASHINGTON — A multi-million dollar lawsuit was filed in federal court in Missouri on Thursday, seeking compensation for “excessive force” by the police in Ferguson, Missouri, in the days after the shooting of Michael Brown.

According to the suit, the excessive force included false arrest, assault and battery; led to intentional infliction of emotional distress; was the result of negligent supervision and discipline; and resulted in a violation of the plaintiffs’ constitutional rights.

The lawsuit, filed by three out-of-state lawyers — including Malik Shabazz from Black Lawyers for Justice, who participated in the protests in Missouri — seeks multi-million dollar judgments against the City of Ferguson and St. Louis County, as well as one specific ands several unknown officers on behalf of Tracey White, Dewayne A. Matthews Jr., Kerry White, Damon Coleman, and Theophilus Green.

In addition to the city and county, the chief of both city and county police are named as defendants, as is Justin Cosma, a police officer with the Ferguson Police Department.

The underlying cause:

The underlying cause:

The general reason for the lawsuit:

The general reason for the lawsuit:

The facts underlying Tracey White’s claim:

The facts underlying Tracey White's claim:

The facts underlying Dewayne A. Matthews Jr.’s claim:

The facts underlying Dewayne A. Matthews Jr.'s claim:

The facts underlying Kerry White’s claim:

The facts underlying Kerry White's claim:

The facts underlying Damon Coleman, and Theophilus Green’s claim:

The facts underlying Damon Coleman, and Theophilus Green's claim:

Read the complaint:

Source: Chris Geidner for Buzzfeed News